#2 The Lady Vanishes (1938)

I was very impressed by the political connotations of this Hitchcock comedy. Made during the era of the British and French policies of “Appeasement” of Hitler and the Nazis, it is made clear the director’s opinions on this matter. He shows the outright futility of the silly British “pacificist” in his belief that the Germans won’t do anything to harm them as, “We are British citizens!” As in the 39 steps, it entails a playful love story between a couple that initially have a strong dislike for each other. I am quite more drawn to the burgeoning romance between the two main characters than I was with the 39 steps, as Margaret Lockwoodis a much more interesting actress and the Michael Redgrave-played Gilbert is a playful musician with a good deal of audacity and spunk, and quite not your typical leading male from 30s/40s era films.

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